We have served in many churches through the years, five since this ministry began. We always start by meeting with the pastor, often multiple times. During this process several things are determined: does the pastor want the church to fulfill the Great Commission, do the people? Will the people be receptive to help? Are there any potential leaders in the church? Is the current leadership on board with us coming in? Has everyone prayed about this?

We find everywhere we go there are never enough leaders so this is usually a top priority. One goal that is also a joy to us, is to train and even mentor those who God pairs us with. We also seek to be constant encouragers in all places we serve as this is a much needed aspect of ministry.
We are missionaries "to the churches".
Last year we partnered with another ministry and hosted our first ever Pastors and Wives Encouragement dinner. We had a nice catered meal, some gifts and a speaker who brought a good word of encouragement to the group. This year the event will take place on Thursday September 28th. We plan to make this an annual event with no cost to those attending.

Plans are to host a conference in 2017 entitled "Leading People Through Change". We are currently working with our local Association to begin a Discipleship Movement. We also helped introduce a resolution that will lead the Association in helping struggling churches.
We also meet many Pastors and other leaders through our other ministry, "Camp Directors". Click on the sign to go to the website.