Churches in this country are dying at an alarming rate. Four thousand close their doors for the last time every single year with only an average of one thousand new church starts every year. There is plenty of help out there for church planters but what about those of us involved in revitalization? There are resources, conferences and even coaches which are all very helpful, but the biggest two things these churches need is mature leaders and money.

Pastors of the churches are in a war and need all the help they can get. Four out of five churches have either plateaued or are in decline. There are some churches that are going to die and there is just not anything that can be done to help them because of their circumstances. We do not believe the majority are in this category however!
Mission Statement : We are missionaries "to the church". Our mission is to partner with the pastor of a local church to help him identify and overcome obstacles in leading the church as God desires.